A quote from Patricia Clough, “The Affective Turn : Political Economy, Biomedia and Bodies,” Theory, Culture & Society 25, no. 1 (2008): 1-22:

Thacker defines biomedia as a technical reconditioning of biology, a technological framing that enables biology to perform in novel ways beyond itself, while remaining biological (2004: 14–15). Thacker offers two examples. One is biocomputing, where DNA molecules or the base pair complementarity of A-T and C-G are used to perform computation in a test tube, as the bio-logic is repurposed as a computer. Here the means are biological and the output is computational – a proof-of-concept that a computer ‘can theoretically be made of any material, as long as certain principles (e.g., a storage device, a read program, a write program) are fulfilled’ (2004: 4). But there is another example of biomedia: bioinformatics, where DNA is taken as information, and as such made amenable to the digital domain, available ‘for archiving, searching, editing, pattern matching and other computational procedures’ (2004: 4).”


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